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Factors influencing the dry magnetic separation pause


  A dry type magnetic separator is suitable for size 3 mm below the magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore and ilmenite. Wet magnetic separation of materials is used in coal, non-metallic mineral, building materials and other materials in addition to iron. The choice of other influencing factors of the dry magnetic separator has the following three categories:


 First, the thickness of the feeding layer: it is processing with the granularity of raw material and the content of magnetic particles that each has very big concern. Dealing with the coarse particle feeding layer being thicker than the fine grained is common. When dealing with coarse grained ore then the seam thickness is about 1.5 times that of the largest particles. In processing of graded material it can reach a maximum particle size 4 times the left and right sides. The level of fine grained material can reach 10 times the thickness of the particles. When the magnetic material content in the raw material is not high, then the thin seam should be suitable.  If it is too thick at the bottom of magnetic particles under the pressure of the upper material, then the magnetic force is caused by sucking up recovery. A high content of magnetic particles then the seam can be thicker.


Second, magnetic field intensity and work to be processed, the material particle size and the magnetic level requirements have a close relationship. Whenever the work clearance must be between the poles of the magnetic field the strength is decided by the number of ampere turns of coil, the number of turns can't be adjust, so change the magnitude of the exciting current to adjust the intensity of magnetic field. Processing magnetic strong red selection such as homework should use a weak magnetic field. When processing magnetic materials and magnetic weak scavenging assignments, field intensity should be high. With a certain current, the size of the work not only can change the strength of the magnetic field, but also change the magnetic field gradient. With a reduction in the gap then magnetic field force will increase dramatically. Generally, in dealing with the size of the particles, reduce them as far as possible in order to increase the recovery rate. Selection, it is best to adjust the clearance bigger to increase the selectivity and to reach the purpose of upgrading, but at the same time increase the exciting current to ensure appropriate magnitude of the magnetic field strength.


Third, feed rate, according to the vibration slot (or belt) this determines the feed rate. For the screw particles it determines the magnetic scared pause time of machine power. The greater the rate of ore grain in the magnetic field then the shorter is the pause. By force the grain machine is given priority with gravity and the inertia knife. Gravity is a constant and the inertia force is directly proportional to the square of the velocity. Weak magnetic particles are in the magnetic field of magnetic force above the gravity matter; thus, increase the rate above a certain limit due to the inertia force,


 Because magnetic adsorption will not apply and the acceptance rate is low. As it is, dont choose weak magnetic minerals to accept less than the strong magnetic mineral feed rate. As often, when selected, the particle mass guess monomer is more magnetic and strong. The feed rate can be increased, scavenging. The disposal of the penalty off line particles, in order to promote the loss of ore grain, then the frequency of the vibration slot should be high, with small amplitude. Disposal of punishment coarse grain is the opposite. Fitting for the manipulation of conditions should the credential ore temper and requirement for the quality of sorting through practice. In disposal of punishment for metal ore, the material should be link level of narrow dry feed, benefit to the progress of indicators, if accepted wide level feed, because its intrusive particles by magnetic force is large, but also increases the election don't choice difficult conditions, credentials, the original grain sieve classification. The less you index is better.