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Ball mill initiative protection technology industry support



Ball mill initiative protection agencies, through successful experiments, have officially launched and started applications many times.


The effective protection is mainly shown in the following three aspects:


 First, through the application of the initiative of the clutch, whenever there is torque overload with the ball mill in large particle breakage, disconnects the drive gear effectively, reduces the speed of the ball

mill quickly, reducing wear and tear. The sensitivity of this device is can be adjusted by the ball mill vendors, according to their own existing experience and judgement. Effective adjustment and control, according to the analysis of experimental data, this device will fundamentally reduce the ball mill cylinder wear, and prolong the service life by 6-12 months.


 Second, the initiative overflow protection. With the wet ball mill grinding, product goes through the overflow mouth grading device into the flotation operation after the second classification. However, pertaining to ball mill out gate of discharging speed, the density and the ball mill warehouse usage have close relationship. So, in the process of work, we can use the density tester is to analyze and get the usage of grinding media. The grinding media consumption, to a great extent, affects the final quality of the material. The ball through the overflow protection can take the initiative to aid the ball mill body to minimize ACTS as the risk to grinding media. At the same time, the ball mill lining board also provides a very good protection and reduces consumption.


Third, the initiative gears overload protection. Because the ball mill uses a reducer for turns and eventually forming regularity, the strength of the gear set has certain requirements. In the ball mill production practice, there are a lot of cases that can appear on the, gear conform to significantly increase. Mainly the conveyor after grading granularity inequality leads to local resistance to increase. This leads to a preventive force after grinding media adding transient to increase. In the past this condition has arisen in the production and cased the gear torque to increase to the point of bursting and damaging to the ball mills expensive transmission gear ring. So, in the integration of a transmission gear ring and gear reducer, a layout strength testing device is necessary. Through the use of the device, coordination can detect the instantaneous high torque so that the drive reducer has replaced slow gear for on-off operation. This can fundamentally solve the ball mill transmission failure with effective protection.