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Need to pay attention when buying a crusher





 The first needed is to know the industry because mining uses several big crusher equipment. This equipment is mainly divided into: hammer crusher, jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, impact crusher, and cone crusher and so on.


The following article mainly points out the matters of choice to buy crusher equipment:


1: To buy crusher equipment first find a factory direct cooperation. There are a lot of customers looking for the middlemen, rather than the manufacturer. The dealer¡¯s average price is lower, but the dealer chooses the manufacturers, and the quality cannot be guaranteed or user's interests protected. Some intermediaries, after paying the deposit, will add costs to buy the production line accessories so the customer can't save money they were expecting from the factory¡¯s cost.


2: Can't just accept the cheapest, but be sure to shop around. By nature it is a good thing to buy cost-effective products, but it isn't a good idea to ignore quality and service. It is better to go to the factory to see the product purchase equipment, and commissioning before a contract is processed. 


3: Online and word of mouth Word of mouth is important and to examine the manufacturer¡¯s reputation online survey. You can search "manufacturer name + liar¡±, to see if there are a lot of negative reports and the company's discretion. Consult with the customers of the manufacturer¡¯s equipment, to understand about the product¡¯s quality and after- sales service of the crusher equipment.


4: Choose the right equipment to avoid inferior recommended products. In the mining industry broken material basically has: limestone, granite, basalt, etc.  The requirement to use each type of rock crusher equipment is different. If a material is too hard you need to use the equipment designed to break hard materials. Some manufacturer salesman, in order to pursue their own interests, not the customer¡¯s, will recommend low-end products, so that customers will often need to frequently change components abused in the process, with excessive equipment wear and tear. So customers must first introduce themselves to the need and use of what type of crusher broken material is best for their situation.