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Hubei plugging material problem is resolved in the work




The jaw crusher field work environment is often associated with large stones. A lot of very big stones need a jaw crusher for primary crushing in order to be able to enter the counterattack broken for secondary crushing. Jaw crusher strong crusher belongs primary to the crusher and in a certain range, an increase the eccentric shaft revolutions, can improve the production capacity of a strong crusher, but also increase the power consumption of the broken ore unit weight. If the speed is too fast this can make the discharge broken ore arrive too late in the crushing cavity and produce a jam. Under the condition of too much speed the machine itself has no quality problem, but the most common problem will be plugging material.


When plugging material is encountered in the working process of the jaw crusher the only way to clear the plugging material is to stop work and clear the plugging material. The best way to solve the problem of plugging material is taking steps to prevent it happening to reduce downtime, wasted working hours and then improve the work efficiency.


Use a sound and light alarm indicator to direct maintenance instructions. Because of the broken belt conveyor running current associated with inferior vena by how much material in the body can easy cause the crusher to suddenly stop. So according to the current characteristics of plate conveyor, formulated a solution, namely install a bell alarm and flashing lights. 

 With a direct connection with the relay in electric cabinet, whenever the plate conveyor deviate from a set current value then an alarm lights start flashing and bell rings. If the downstream equipment suddenly stops then the plate conveyor current is switched off with an audible and visual alarm to prompt the operator. At this time, by stop feeding, this can prevent jaw crusher from plugging material problems. So in the use of jaw crusher, pay special attention to the operation, so as not to cause congestion.