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Counterattack crusher is widely used in cement production



Crushing in cement production process and operation is essential for a program of how to be more effective when braking up cement production raw material. This is the first barrier of a technological process, so choosing the suitable crusher is the key. Next, fu wei explains for you to understand the application of the dry process cement production. Dry process cement technology of limestone with a single period of counterattack crusher to impact kinetic energy along the joint of the material level is used in discharging homogeneously cube shapes.


Large materials into the counterattack plate between the rotor and crushing cavity is subjected to the rotation of the rotor part. This gains kinetic energy with repeated shocks between the back plate and rotor, respectively by the first level retaliate cavity. The second at the bottom of the cavity and the grinding cavity is broken up step by step to meet the requirements of discharging granularity.


With the Counterattack crusher of multistage back cavity there is enough space suitable for breaking up large materials. The Counterattack crusher counterattack plate Angle can be adjusted, so as to ensure the material between the back plate and rotor repeated shocks are at the right Angle. This can effectively improve the efficiency of crushing. Step by step the back braking up process can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the crushing.


 Counterattack crusher counterattack plate adjustment system makes up the whole machine and overload protection device. Whenever foreign bodies (such as iron or unbroken piece, etc.) enter the crusher the counterattack plate can be automatically back up, to let the foreign body through the crusher, preventing the foreign body from damaging the equipment.