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Commonly used stone washing equipment types and their respective characteristics and working principle are introduced


  Commonly used stone washing equipment types and their respective characteristics and working principle are introduced


Stone washing equipment and a sand washing machines use a natural sandstone and artificial sand cleaner. There are different types of stone washing equipment for different applications. The following will introduce you to the commonly used stone washing equipment types, features, working principle, model and technical parameters to further help understanding about stone washing equipment.


 A stone, bucket wheel washing equipment:


Bucket wheel stone washing equipment features:

 Bucket wheel stone washing equipment is divided into single and double impeller. Double impeller stone washing equipment production is relatively high. Wheel bucket stone washing equipment is suitable for cleaning materials. There is a material loss in the process of cleaning with small amount of water consumption to meet the requirements of the state for cleanliness. The stone washing equipment production capacity after processing of product cleanliness is relatively low. The equipment in the process of work will cause a certain amount of energy loss because the sand goes up to a certain height.

Bucket wheel stone washing equipment working principle: Bucket wheel stone washing equipment motor goes through the triangle, reducer, and gear reducer drive slowly rotating impeller after sand comes from the feeding trough into the basin. Under the drive of the impeller and mutual grinding removes impurities on the surface of the sand and gravel, and destruction of the coated sand moisture layer.  Adding water at the same time, form a strong current will take away impurities and a proportion of the small foreign bodies from the spillway trough to complete the cleaning effect. Clean sand leaves away from rotating impeller discharge chute to complete sand cleaning effect.


Second, the spiral stone washing equipment: Spiral stone washing equipment features: Spiral stone washing facilities are divided into the single spiral and double spiral. These are lower than the double helix single screw production. Spiral stone powder sand washer has a high yield and high cleaning degree of the product, but with water consumption and sand erosion.

 The working principle of the spiral stone washing equipment: Spiral stone washing equipment is for different proportion of solid particles. It is a device of continuous extension, with efficient, durable, cleaning, and their ehydration effect is good.


Above is about sand cleaner - stone washing equipment and related introduction. We hope to be of help, so if you have questions or would like to know more specific about stone washing equipment and related information is online. Please feel free to consult us, fu We answers customer service questions free of charge.