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Drum dryer maintenance knowledge





Drum dryer maintenance knowledge


1.  All the load bearings of a machine require good lubrication because this directly affects the service life of the machine. The lubricating oil must be clean and the seals must be in good condition. This includes the machine's main oil (1) the rotation bearing (2) roll bearing (3) all the gear bearings, and (4) the sliding plane activities.
2, The newly installed tire is prone to loosening and should be check regularly.

3, Pay attention to each part of the drum dryer to insure that it is working normally.

4, Pay attention to the drum dryer, check the easily wearing parts for the degree of wear and replace the worn parts whenever necessary.

5, The activity unit chassis plane should be kept free of dirt and other material and to avoid a serious accident, stop activities whenever a broken material bearing prevents the bearing from moving on the chassis.

6, Check for high temperatures of the bearing oil, stop the machine immediately if the oil gets too hot and then check for the reason why.

7, If you hear the sound of the rotation gear make impact then then immediately stop, check, and remove it.