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Avoiding the influence of the magnetic separation pause by several factors


Experts try to achieve the best effect of magnetic separation dealing with the factors affecting the strong magnetic separator magnetic effect, and avoiding, as far as possible, to improve the factors that influence the magnetic separation pause ore so that each magnetic separator will operate efficiently. So what are the factors affecting the magnetic effect of magnetic separation machine? How to avoid these factors?


The following is the answer by our experts: Magnetic fields being uniform and non-uniform are two different situations and the degree of inhomogeneous magnetic field and magnetic separator magnetic field gradient is commonly used. The magnetic field gradient is the rate of change of the magnetic field strength throughout the space. The magnetic field intensity is the variation per unit length. The greater the magnetic field gradient of the magnetic field, then the greater is the degree of unevenness of the magnetic field strength throughout the space. If the constancy of the magnetic field is maintained then the magnetic field gradient is very low-level with few variations. The size of the magnetic particles within the magnetic force is proportional to the product of the magnetic field intensity and magnetic field gradient.  When the magnetic field gradient is equal to zero then the magnetic field is uniform, no matter how high magnetic field intensity. If the magnetic particle by magnetic force is zero then separation can't occur. So, the magnetic separator and any gradient of the magnetic field must be avoided. Secondly make sure that the ore material in the process of magnetic separation motion is proper, thereby enabling the capture of magnetic minerals. When a piece of magnetic mineral slowly enters into the magnetic field intensity magnetic separation machine, mineral will be very easy to absorb, and missed. But if too fast because of inertia, some minerals will also be missed, so make adjustments to achieve the best effect.

The last is the problem that concerns the size of the magnetic field intensity in the magnetic separation machine. If the large mineral grain containing non-magnetic minerals is more than magnetic minerals it is difficult to achieve the strength of the magnetic field. The result of this is absorption that will reach the range of the tailings, and thus be wasted. If the magnetic minerals are greater than the non-magnetic minerals then impurities will reduce the metal grade. Many ore materials are most suitable for magnetic field separation. Some equipment in use after a period of time will have reduce strength of the magnetic field, so that it can make the magnetic field strength insufficient this omitting some of the smaller magnetic minerals.


Magnetic separation effect

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