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Security measures that are needed before starting the Magnetic separator


 The Magnetic separator is an auxiliary machine for mineral processing. The LanJi production of magnetic separation machines is sold throughout the country with general customer trusted products. Our magnetic separator can be customized according to the user's requirements to satisfy any concerns or worries.


Before starting the magnetic separator there is the need to make a comprehensive inspection to ensure normal production.

These are the security measures before starting the equipment: It is important to pay attention during the process of checking the bearing of transmission equipment, the bolt and helical gear link equipment, and timely remove any obstructions, then pay special attention by first opening the material conveyor.  Followed this with the inspection of the magnetic separation machine, lastly inspect the feeder, then after all that is all done close the qi in the exact opposite order.  When operating the machinery strictly abide by the operation procedure and be aware of any unusual sound from the reduction gear and cylinder rotation.  Intent listening is important and timely maintenance to reduce the risk of an accident. In normal operation the choice of the lubricating oil and its preservation is very important. The use of the lubricating oil helps to prevent direct contact between parts, reduce friction resistance, and reduces wear. The thermal properties of lubricating oil will transfer the heat generated by friction, so be sure to use clean and proper viscosity lubricating oil. This will ensure a smooth and sufficient flow of the oil. If there is a need to stop grinding for a long time then remove the steel ball to avoid deformation the cylinder. In cold climate areas take precaution to avoid the cooling water discharge to the bearing from freezing and damaging the equipment.