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Magnetic separator equipment maintenance is important each


Using any equipment many kinds of conditions may appear during its lifetime. These problems can be avoided. The magnetic separator for the mineral processing in industry is broadly used in construction. As the backbone of the mineral processing equipment, many kinds of product problems may occur. Using the machinery constantly without any regular maintenance will eventually lead to problems. If you don't pay attention at ordinary intervals the effect of ignoring small problems will eventually become a big and expensive problem. Only nip these problems in the bud, to avoid more serious problems appear later on.

 To commission the magnetic separator and do any work, first empty the machine cavity of all commissioning equipment. Make a careful check of each commissioning part in order to avoid and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents. Examine the various control panels. Be careful to avoid splashing water into the operation of the key. If during the inspection process it is not very clear then use a flashlight to work carefully and safely.